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Our Product

• Full washed Arabica bourbon- Majority A1 & A2. hhhh • Green tea, melon, pear
• Cupping Scores: >85%- specialty olinternationally.
• Arabica represents 59% of the world’s coffee production.

The taste profile of a Buhanga is considered to have some unique flavor and aromatic qualities, most notably including black fruit (black currant fragrance and flavor, blackberry flavor, black cherry flavor), a unique mouth feel described as “mouth-coating” and “syrupy”, and a medium-long sweet finish.

Our Process

Our coffee harvesting period is once a year from March - July. In the harvest season, Buhanga small holder farmers correct their hand-picked reddish ripe coffee fruits to the cooperative. At the washing station the coffee is sorted and all defects are removed. The coffee cherries are pulped and washed through running water in the depulping machine, which grades it and is fermented for 12 to 18 hours. The parchment is then washed and soaked. Afterwards, the parchment is moved to appropriate drying tables in the sun for 21 days and safely stored until being transported to Kigali. The whole coffee process involves effective control measures at each step of the value chain so as to ensure good quality competitive on the local and international markets.

Our Stories



I Joined the cooperative in 2009. BUHANGA cooperative has helped me achieve my biggest goal which was to build myself a house. Being part of this cooperative has significantly improved my skills as a farmer because of the intensive training programs we have access to.


Coffee farmer

A coffee farmer in BUHANGA cooperative since 2009. Working here has given me the opportunity to turn my life around. Through profits I make here I have built my own house, afforded good medical insurance for me and my family and created jobs for other people in my community.



An accountant and a farmer since 2012. Being a member of BUHANGA cooperative has been the best experience of my life. I have been able to enlarge my land scale, profit, and pay for my medical insurance which has improved my standards of living.



A member of BUHANGA cooperative. My financial capabilities have improved since I joined BUHANGA cooperative in 2009. I have since been able to afford medical insurance for my family and school fees for my children. Most importantly, I have learned the effectiveness of teamwork.

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