Our Impact

Environmental Impact

We conserve the environment at the same time maintaining the quality of our coffee. We grow grasses used in mulching our gardens and coffee plantations in particular which reduces soil degradation. Together, we have planted trees that naturally work with coffee trees to prevent soil erosion and help in climate modification. Further, we have a pit used for water collection later treated to be reused in other agriculture-related activities. Every cooperative member has does re-afforestation (reforestation), and we have forests that help in reconstruction activities on the CWS.

Social Impact

Together as a cooperative, we promote women empowerment whereby we have increased the number of females in leadership roles. We foster on giving space women to show and grow their potentials by holding leadership positions. People in our community gain employment opportunities from us which in turn increase their standards of living; together with the provision of health insurance to cooperative family members.

Our Achievements

At Buhanga cooperative, we have achieved a lot in the past few years. We are happy to have bought our own working space, bought 2 hectares of land used for coffee farming, and to have built stock with a capacity of holding 30 tons for the parched coffee we sell as well as sourcing water from nearby wells. We are happy to be part of the coffee farmers union and to have started using solar energy in 2018. As a cooperative, we are proud of the progress made and we are striving to more growth.

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